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About Wendy

I have been the proud owner of poodles, and have taken care of other people's dogs for years. I love nurturing and caring for my furry friends. I am a freelance writer and work from home, so it's a win-win for my buddies and me. I am also a member of Pet Sitters International (PSI) and am insured through the association. I only take non-shedding dogs due to allergies. I also am the only sitter I know who has a transition plan for new boarders and daycare clients. So book early because we need time for a meet-n-greet, one daycare day, and one overnight before your multi-day stay. This transition plan serves as an assessment, to make sure your dog is a good fit.  It also helps your dog become familiar with me, my place and our routine, so when he/she comes to stay, they can hit the ground playing!

I care for dogs in my home, and they have the run of the place! I have a fenced-in yard, but most of their exercise comes from running at Millenium Park in the morning. We do play indoors and in the yard as well. They also have time and space to do what they want to: play with toys, take a nap, play with another dog, or sit on my lap. There are no crates here.

For the "pack" to feel safe, I take dogs who play well with others, can chill, understand other dogs' social cues, don't bark excessively and don't have serious separation anxiety. This allows all dogs to feel comfortable. II have also taken care of dogs who require medication, and senior dogs who may need to be carried up and down the steps.

Wendy's Waggin' Tails Dogs get treats before a walk in Roslindale, MA
Wendy of Wendy's Waggin' Tails on a walk with a doggy daycare client

This is how I take care of my pet pals:


  • I let my visiting buddies on the furniture and the bed.

  • I like to have owners bring their dog's bed, food and treats. Familiarity is important.

  • I do not let dogs off leash unless I am in an enclosed area, they have total recall, and I have received your permission.

  • I have a fenced-in yard, but your dog will be well exercised at nearby green spaces such as  Millenium Park and other parks.

  • There are various places for your dog to hang out or nap: his/her bed, my couch, rugs, floor, or some comfy dog beds.

  • Most of all, I give my clients a LOT of attention and companionship! I earn their trust. We develop a relationship. 

  • I am in contact with you during the whole stay - pics/videos/updates and let you know if I have questions or if there are issues. I believe in total transparency and teamwork with you.

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