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Dog Boarding and Doggy Daycare

I offer a home away from home for your dog, i.e., my home, whether you want daycare or boarding/overnight care). When your dog is with me, we exercise, play, and cuddle. I give your dog lots of loving attention and companionship. Your dog will also be in a comfortable home for play time and down time.

Daycare is between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. M-F. I will pick up/ drop off if you are within a few miles of Roslindale, especially between Roslindale and West Roxbury.

Dogs must be hypoallergenic, three (3) yrs old or older, have solid dog-on-dog social skills, and be able to settle down (i.e., no getting in other dogs' faces, or wanting to play nonstop). This is important for all dogs in the pack to feel comfortable.

Meet & Greet: Before I take your dog on as a "client" I like to know more about his/her particular likes and dislikes, vet info, behaviors, etc.  We will fill out a questionnaire for this purpose. All dogs I take are friendly with other dogs, not excessive barkers and do not have separation anxiety (barking or crying when left). It is important that your dog check out my place. They pick up a lot of "data" from this!

Transitioning your dog: I don't believe in dropping a dog off at a strange place and a new person (me). So I like to have a meet and greet at my place, have your dog for one daycare day, and later, one overnight before he/she boards for a multi-night stay. 


This transition plan  also serves as an assessment, to make sure your dog is a good fit.  It also helps your dog become familiar with me, my place and our routine, so when he/she comes to stay, they can hit the ground playing! Therefore please schedule the transition dates early enough so you have time to get another sitter if it's not a good fit for your baby.


Boarding Fee:*
$65 holidays (just the actual holiday nights)
*incurs day fee ($35) if dropped off before noon/ picked up after 3 p.m. 
*Earliest drop off time is 9 a.m. Latest pick up time is 8:30 p.m.

Your dog will receive:
  • An experienced dog caregiver who REALLY loves dogs
  • A home setting; comfy, homey, can play or nap, sit on my lap, allowed on couch and bed, etc.
  • Inside and outside play
  • Constant care as I am home all day and night, except for errands
  • A person who can tune in to  your dog to get to know his/her personality and needs
  • One-on-one attention
  • Fenced-in yard
  • Lots of green spaces to exercise
  • Other doggy friends to play with
  • Tons of affection
  • A transition so he/she is familiar before longer stay (boarding)
  • A whole day and/or night for the cost of a couple of walks
(It's really a big ole' love fest and a pretty good deal!}
Daycare Fee:
10am - 4pm

*Free pick up and drop off within Roslindale and on the way to or near Millenium Park in West Roxbury.
Cancelation Fee:
4-5 day stay canceled within 2 weeks of stay: 1 night, $60
Longer stay: 2 nights, $120
Daycare same day cancel: $15

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